The right tools

Be honest, some of the things you do could probably be done quicker if only you had the right software.

If only you had a system that really understood your data rather than having to try and cobble it all together in Excel spreadsheets.

Cut, paste, copy, paste, there must be more to life.

You might even be lucky enough to work for a company with its own IT department. You might have asked them for exactly what you need. That might have been quite a while ago...

Large IT departments are busy, they generally have a lot on their plates and queues can build up, then it's just a matter of priorities. It's just their priorities aren't always the same as yours.

It's generally not their fault, we have worked with and in large IT departments and they're often trying to keep everybody happy while at the same time working flat out trying to keep the systems they've already got working.

We'd like to help. If you don't already have anybody to develop software for you, then great - we can do that. If you do have an IT department then we're more than happy to work directly with you to give you something to use until IT delivers the final system, or we can work alongside your IT department to help out when they're under pressure.

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