Smooth running

Everyone would like to say that all their projects run smoothly. In reality, behind the scenes things don't always go as expected and there may well be a certain amount of hair pulling and swearing at inanimate objects.

We think the important thing is to protect our customers from all that unpleasantness and just deliver what we said we'd deliver when we said we'd deliver it.

Here are some things that we've delivered recently:

Vendstop UK

Vendstop UKAn online presence for a new startup company. We put together the look and feel as well as designing the logo.

We also provide email, hosting and support. Take a look.

The Cock Inn - Wivelsfield Green

The Cock Inn - Wivelsfield GreenWe provided a replacement for the customer's original site with a warm and bright new design that complements the style of their exisiting printed media.

We also manage hosting, support and marketing. Take a look.


FindOurHolidayWe created this site from scratch and it shows a wide range of things we can do.

It includes communication with third-party web services, a SQL Server database, some serious XML handling, AJAX, and pretty fancy Javascript and CSS. The server side logic runs on Microsoft's .net platform and is written in C#. It makes extensive use of Google maps and we have extended Google's API with some improvements of our own.

We also manage the hosting, support and marketing. Take a look.

Owl Claims

Owl ClaimsWe started from company launch with Owl Claims designing their logo as well as the site and the forms necessary to process claims.

We have also been involved in the design of their offline marketing in the form of newspaper advertising.

We also host and support their email and website. Take a look.

Allium Activity Toys

Allium Activity ToysAn extensive online brochure and ordering system.

We've done all the database design and programming while the look and feel of the site was developed by Jules of

We also handle search engine placement for Allium Activity Toys and help out with their online marketing. Take a look.

Wivelsfield Village Day

Wivelsfield Village DayBeing generous and good natured we like to give a little bit back to the local community, so we have developed this site to publicise the local village day.

We also provide the hosting and support. Take a look.

Software development

In case looking at the above you think we only do websites, we'd also like to point out that much of our time is spent developing bespoke software for companies. We can't really show you pictures or link you to working examples as it is normally hosted behind corporate firewalls and is often confidential. To see the kind of things we do, please take a look at our Software page.

We're pretty flexible, so if you whether you want us to ceate something from scratch or work with an existing design or idea you have had yourself that's fine.

Just drop us a mail at